Hybrid Functional Water Pillow

Items Specification
Size Memory form 487(L)x305(W)x105(H)mm
Water pouch 240(L)x315(W)x30~41(H)mm
Materials Water Pouch Water, Polyester,
Effective Chlorine Powder,
Felt(Fiber + Latex)
Body Polyurethane Memory Foam
Inner Cover Span Waterproof Polyester 60%,
Taffeta Polyurethane 40%
Outer Cover Polyester 100%
Weight 3kg


Products Features

Hybrid functional pillow has memory foam with orthopedic pillow function and water pouch to keep going cool feeling to prevent sweating.

It supports the neck bone by ‘C’ curl formation for straight sleeping and the side of head having arms and shoulder relaxation by keeping the height of the shoulder for side sleeping.

The structured product is designed to extremely increase the comfort of the neck and head of the people.

There is a product shaped lower central portion to relieve snoring, wrapped around the back of the head given to maintain stability during sleep.

Water tube of hybrid functional pillow is evenly distributed pressure on the head a comfortable regardless of any head shape.

The weight of the water tubes in the center of the pillow is reliably secure to reduce the pillow shifting.

The pillow in the water uniforms pressure distribution, minimizing the movement of water in the water-absorbing material.

From the research, best temperature for the deep sleep is 18~20 degree. Hybrid functional pillow regulates the head temperature to around 3 degree below than the room temperature.

A recent study shows the pillow keeps head cold to prevent hair loss caused by higher head temperature

Brain's neural system increased the brown adipose in cold temperatures have the effect of diet by blocking the nerves that can bring your appetite.

It can prevent of high brain activity in the reduction by higher head temperature.

Body is more cool feeling by keeping head cold with the effect of inhibiting perspiration for many people sweating in the head.

In case of that the children throw pillow and prod pillow with the sharpen pin so that it may make a hole in the pillow and the water fall on the bed. The product has inner cover and a shaped like a bowl that can hold the leakage of water.

The cool feature will be decreased if additional pillow cover is too thick.

If the people have much feeling of cold, please attach the supplied fabric cover on the water tube to prevent it.

Depending on the weight of the head neck, the cervical spine of the normal form maintains 'C' shaped more as the picture

When older people or women use cold pillow, they may feel uncomfortable in the cold when it touched the shoulder bone. It is designed to attach the thick materials of memory foam between the shoulder and pillows to prevent shoulder bones cold.

Some people may feel discomfort initially when using hybrid functional pillow with orthopedic pillow function because they accustomed to regular pillow. It may take 3~5 days to adjust the product.

Those who are not familiar with using hybrid functional pillow in the front direction is recommended to use a pillow in the rear direction after a certain period of time.